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Kesh & Fresh: Preserved Lemons Moroccan Style 13.5 oz

Kesh & Fresh: Preserved Lemons Moroccan Style 13.5 oz

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Preserved lemons have a tangy, umami, not-quite-sweet, fruity bite that satisfies two essential elements of cooking at once: salt and acid. Both the preserved lemon peel and flesh are edible.

Add finely chopped preserved lemons to a hearty dish that needs a hit of brightness, like Issa’s Red Lentil Soup With Preserved Lemon and Crispy Garlic. Blitz them into a tangy-tart salad dressing to pour over greens and chicories. Mix the paste with harissa and use it to marinate a leg of lamb that’s served with fennel and herbs. Purée it with creamy dairy, like labneh, feta, or ricotta. Mash it with peas, incorporate it into pasta sauce, or toss it with roasted vegetables.

“You can add it to anything and get a more dramatic lemon flavor,” . Chef Kis calls them a “one-and-done way to season and brighten just about anything bland” (coming for you, beans and grains).

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