About Us

Food has the power to bring back the most heartwarming memories. Cooking from scratch used to be an everyday task, now it is more of a luxury.  We want to bring more cooking and more eating together to your life by simplifying the way you cook. Chef Kis Abderrazek, founder of Kesh & Fresh has created a collection of flavorful, versatile sauces and spreads, he calls “flavor bombs” that change the way you experience cooking. Harrisas and spreads make it easy to prepare healthy gourmet meals right at home they are specially great to add flavor to your veggies. You'll never have to worry about having time to put together a crowd-pleasing meal for family or guests again. Just spoon them in your cooking and add a burst of flavor!

Go on a culinary journey without the need for extended prep time or long stints in the kitchen. With our sauces and spreads, you can cook a dish you'll be proud to share without the messy cleaning-up that comes after cooking.
 “Everybody needs a secret ingredient that wows guests.”